Werewolves and Silver Bullets



The greatest strength of werewolves isn’t their speed, strength or ferocity; it is their anonymity. Once the mystery of their identity and power is revealed by the full moon, their days become numbered. We all know what slays a werewolf- a silver bullet. Likewise, we all know who transforms our world; we do. Responsibility for progress, the world over, from advances in medicine to the expansion of freedom, rests on the shoulder of everyday people. We are all silver bullets, we simply need to take aim.


Werewolves and Silver Bullets is a platform that inspires and empowers solutions to the world’s most formidable challenges.

Werewolves and Silver Bullets illuminates problems and visualizes the change possible through showcasing and supporting the missions of bold and creative individuals. Simple acts of support such as sharing and donating aren’t enough to solve every problem, but progress is impossible without them. By inspiring and uniting communities everywhere, our collective action can be the silver bullets that can change anything.


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